Khao Yai Stories

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Best Thai and Wings

Loved by Thousands


Thai Sausage


Chicken Satay


Moo Ping



1. Salad Rolls

Rice paper wrapped with tofu, carrot , iceberg, sweet basil and served with peanut sauce.


2. Miang Kham


Fresh Cha Pu leaves that are filled with roasted coconut, red onion, fresh ginger, peanut and lime served with homemade palm sugar sauce.

3. Gui Chay


Marinated chives with power and dip fried until it light gold served with ginger sauce.

4. Calamari


Crispy fried calamari served with spicy mayo sauce.

5. Gyoza (Pot stickers)

Stuff with chicken&vegetable fried until golden and served with ginger sauce.


Chicken Nuggets with Potato


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Mattis pulvi nar dapibus

Grilled Mackerel Steak


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Grilled and Fried Chicken


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Plain / Sparkling


Choice of Mocktail

Bluberry / Mojito / Margarita / Bloody Merry


Non-alcoholic Beer



Ice Creams (Scoop)

Vanilla / Stawberry  / Chocolate


Cakes / Pastries

Black forest / Pinapple / Chcolate


Gelato Italiano